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Pre-Designed Wedding Reception Packages by Platinum

Garden Wedding Table

Pre-Planned Reception Decor Packages

You have your Officiant scheduled, your photographer selected and all you have left to do is figure out your wedding reception décor.  Call Platinum! We have pre-designed reception decor packages that will simplify your wedding planning and your wedding day.  Do not rely on renting your décor from five different places and assuming you will have time to set it all the day of your wedding.  Allow the professionals at Platinum to come in and set up your décor for you! 

You can choose your colors and add more décor if you need it based on your venue.  We are an affordable option to make your wedding venue fabulous!  Enjoy reviewing our reception day packages and let us know which one is perfect for you!

If you want your event created specifically for you and designed by Susan. Contact us for pricing. Because each event is uniquely designed, pricing will vary!


Décor Package # 1 - standard tablescape

Basic Linen Package with delivery, set up and take down. Up to 35 People

Linen package:

  • Dining Tables & Linens, up to 4

  • Sweetheart table & linen

  • Linen napkins

  • Standard Place-mat

  • Votive candles

  • White resin chairs & sashes in your color choice

  • Table runner

  • Placement and pick up of decor.


Décor Package # 2

Basic Linen Package with delivery, set up and take down. Up to 60

 Linen package:

  • Dining Table Linens, 120" Round - 8

  • Sweetheart table linen

  • Cake table linen

  • Extra linens 2

  • Place mat and gold or silver charger

  • Linen or cheesecloth napkins folded

  • Chair sashes

  • Table runners

  • Candles

  • Standard centerpiece option (9)


Décor Package # 3

Extra special reception & cocktail hour package with delivery, set up and take down.

Table linens

  • Dining Table Linens, 120" Round - 10

  • Sweetheart table linen

  • Sweetheart table backdrop

  • Cake table linen

  • Gift table linen

  • Extra linens 2

  • 2 Banquet linens

  • Table overlays in any color you wish

  • Napkin linens, folded

  • Centerpiece mirrors or wood

  • LED votive holders and  candles

  • Chargers (gold, silver)

  • Sashes in your color choice

  • Cocktail table linens (4)

  • Up- lighting (8)



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